Yo I'm Bianca and i like listening to vinyls, drinking tea and sleeping :))

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MY ARMPIT HAIR IS BLUE LOL i made it 2 minutes too long so if you watch this all the way through (or atleast skip to the end bc thats when i talk about important shit i suppose) i will makeout with u or ur parents thank u

u r the coolest 😎

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i took this photo with a disposable camera.

^ The camera almost never matters. An amazing vision for the image matters.


this is the sort of web content i am looking to see every day

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LGBT rights in Europe
Rainbow Europe Map reflecting the 49 European countries’ legislation and policies that have a direct impact on the enjoyment of human rights by LGBTI people. The Rainbow Map reflects each country’s situation and provides overall score on how far this country is on a scale between 0% and 100%.


A compilation of French artist Hubert de Lartigue’s stunning hyperrealistic lip paintings, all acrylic on canvas.

The beauty of women and girls inspire me, I always do my best on each work. I try to be real. My style is the difference between the reality and my skills”

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I love my skin!

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Lately on the Model Wall.

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mineral print 2way bag